We are meeting again.

We meet at the Old World Deli, 341 SW 2nd Street, Corvallis, OR. We meet Tuesdays starting April 19, 2022, starting about 6pm until we get tired or they close at 10. We will be following all current COVID protocols. Many of us will wear masks.

This is an informal club. We only play chess, we have no officers, members, dues, money, or business meetings. We welcome players of all strengths. Some of our experienced players are happy to give informal lessons.

Alternate Location: If the Old World Deli is closed or having a big event, we will walk a block south to the New Morning Bakery and meet there. They close at 8.

Congratulations to Jim Nelson and Harry Demarest for earning a place on one of the US Chess federation’s (http://www.uschess.org) top 100 lists (Top 100 senior blitz players) Also top 100 online players over 50, Blitz, Quick, and Regular) Want to make a top 100 list? Its easier than  you think. Ask Harry at the email below.