Chess Story by Harry Demarest

HARRY DEMAREST: Better Not Tell My Wife

She told me that she’d do anything for fifty bucks.

She was shocked by my suggestion, but a deal’s a deal, and I made her do it. We played chess, and I won all three games.

I’d better not tell my wife. She’s a grandmaster, and she just wouldn’t understand.

Harry Demarest has had 20 of his 50-word stories and a few longer pieces published. He has been playing tournament chess for years, and once played chess all night with a hitchhiker he picked up in Albuquerque.

Chess Riot! June 18 (RSVP by June 17)

Corvallis Chess Riot

mini 3-game quad-style tournament

Sunday, June 18 Fathers Day, 12-3:30 Corvallis High School (Enter 16th St, near the track and the baseball fields, Southwest Corner of the School)

RSVP by June 17 to

All ages, all levels of experience, players grouped by experience level.

NWSRS rated, qualifier for 2018 OSCF championship. no membership necessary.

Time limit approximately 35 minutes for each player.

$10 (Dads free)